Many window covering shoppers want shades and window coverings to stay outside where they will not be seen in their interior environment.

Custom window coverings on the exterior will limit the suns UV and heat before it enters the home.  Since the heat, cold, or UV rays are limited before they hit the glass window, it makes the effectiveness of the exterior shade superior to interior window coverings in terms of UV damage on Artwork, furniture, and floors.

Since exterior shades are exposed to the elements ie. Snow, sleet, rain, and wind, it is advisable to motorize exterior window coverings.  Motors equipped with wind and sun sensors will lift shades automatically when wind speeds reach damaging levels.  Some customers with manually operated exterior window coverings will monitor climatic conditions and raise them prudently before damage occurs to the shades.

If manually operated exterior shades are accidentally left down or deployed, and adverse weather conditions occur, shades may be torn, broken or ripped.  This damage is not covered by warranty.

Exterior window coverings that are designed for bad weather are Exterior Rolling Shutters, also known as Hurricane Shutters.  These stop flying debris and deter or discourage home break-ins and burglaries.